Freedom Marketing solves your Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Sites and Assets monitoring needs in one easy-to-deploy package.  Our monitoring platform gives you full transparency into the business, functional and operational usage and performance of your investment to track governance, usage, peformance and technical metrics.

Our AEM Sites and Assets monitoring is included in our complete Managed Services offering for AEM as well as on a standalone basis.


Business Dashboards

Freedom dashboards surface relevant information in a single screen view.  Giving executives and managers the ability to see top performing pages, internal authoring activity, DAM Asset creation metrics and more.


Performance & Alerting

Freedom's solution captures 1400+ discrete metrics and consolidates them into a performance dashboard.  Alerts can be created for each of them.  This allows you to proactively identify when problems arise and address them before an incident occurs.



The monitoring solution sends all logs to an offsite collector to give you the ability to search, analyze, alert, and share your logs.  This gives teams the ability to do in depth searches for user behavior and triage security, development and technical incidents with ease.

For a limited time, Freedom is offering a 30-day free trial.  Just fill out your e-mail below and we will reach reach out to get started.