DAM is a combination of technology, policy and people. The people piece is essential and often overlooked. Freedom's services in this area are focused on organizational alignment and change management, but we don’t provide staffing services. That's why Freedom has partnered with Filter, a market leader in talent staffing across a wide variety of creative disciplines. We’re excited to feature their thought leadership below on content team modeling.    -- Freedom Marketing

Traditional Model

Marketing departments have historically been structured in a siloed fashion with a marketing director overseeing the group, supported by managers and then down to individual contributors in their respective units. This traditional hierarchical structure can inhibit the team’s ability to be responsive to the needs of customer-driven content creation. Additionally, this framework and its related skill-to-task implications doesn't allow for teams to nimbly develop competencies at the quick pace digital transformation demands. 

Publishing Model - From This

 Responsive Structure

Content development cycles need to function more like newsrooms and be able to adapt content quickly – literally in minutes and hours, not days and weeks as in a traditional marketing model.  In order to support real-time content creation, strategy, and align people across different marketing functions, the organization should look more like this:

Publish Model - To This

Talent Mix

Your staff is crucial to executing your content strategy, so you’ll need to make sure they can support your vision. Do they have the right expertise? It takes a different skill set to go from brainstorming content to creating assets all the way to managing platforms to deliver content to your customer

As the way businesses communicate with their audiences evolves, companies are experiencing a digital skill gap within their marketing departments. Roles need to be evaluated with the shift to a content publishing model to make sure the flow of content is kept timely and relevant and in alignment with strategy. Here are some suggested roles to support this new organizational model:


Departmental Bandwidth

In addition to structure and capability concerns there are also considerations of scale. As your volume of content fluctuates, the way you staff your team may need to change. Depending on the skill needs and amount of output, departments can expand or contract by encompassing a flexible staffing model with a combination of full-time staff, contingent workers, and outsourced assistance.  

Filter is on the forefront of this digital transformation and we can help.  If you are evaluating your department’s structure, roles or scale and would like to discuss some ideas for your content team, let’s connect.