Photo Credit to William Murphy under Modifications made.

Photo Credit to William Murphy under Modifications made.

It’s time for DAM to grow up as a technology system. Out of DAM’s triumvirate of people, policy, and technology, technology is our first thought. But once the software is purchased and implementation completed, most DAM managers turn their focus to people and policy—a never-ending whack-a-mole challenge of governance and compliance.

But benign neglect is not how enterprise technology systems work. Systems age. Applications crash. Storage … gulp … gets corrupted.  (While we’re on the subject, how sure are you about your last backup?)

And it’s not all bad news. Infrastructure options improve. Costs come down. Software vendors release patches and upgrades.

So even if nothing changes on the people and policy side of DAM, the technology systems need dedicated care and maintenance. (And if we’re being honest, it’s pretty wishful thinking that people and policies aren’t constantly shifting the demands on the technology.)

So DAM grows up as technology system when we admit that ongoing technology support is necessary. And we don’t mean users just calling their good buddy Dave in IT whenever they have a DAM issue. Setting aside untimely bus-related mortality issues, Dave occasionally has to go on vacation.

DAM systems may not merit 99.999% uptime as an eCommerce or ERP system. Paying for enough headcount that a fully trained engineer is waiting by the phone round the clock probably doesn’t make sense. But any enterprise technology system merits at least two trained technical support staff for redundancy and DAM is no exception. 

This is the context for Freedom Marketing’s launch of our Managed Services offering. Our dedicated team of trained engineers will support and maintain multiple clients, allowing each client to receive specialized expertise and guaranteed response times without paying the full costs of multiple internal engineers.

Leading the practice area will be Freedom’s newest Partner, Geoff Kramer. We’re very excited to welcome Geoff to the team based on his long and exemplary track record of providing managed services for the very same applications in which Freedom specializes. To learn more about why Geoff’s background makes him such a perfect fit, please read his intro here.

If you’d like to learn more about the proactive tasks your IT support should be (but probably isn’t) performing on your DAM today, please check out our next blog post.

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